General Policies


Bombshell Waxing is committed to providing all Members, and Guests with exceptional service. It is our priority to accommodate your appointment, not your provider. When someone cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent, not only themselves from being waxed, but also another person on our Standby List. We observe a 6 hour cancellation policy, which is typically enough time for us to reach out to people on our Standby List. You may cancel your appointment free of charge with at least 6 hours notice via Call Center, Online-Booking, Text or Facebook!


(Please note with COVID we may not have anyone in the building who is not receiving service) We absolutely adore kids, but for their safety, and the courtesy of other Members, and Guests, we ask that you don't bring children who are not receiving services. Child care is not provided. Any guest or member who checks in for a scheduled service with a minor child not receiving service will be required to pay the Cancellation fee, and reschedule their appointment. We do not provide services to minors under the age of eight (8). Minors under the age of eight (8) must be accompanied by an adult and are restricted to the lobby, and restrooms, and may not enter Treatment or Waxing areas. A parent/guardian of any child under 18 must provide written permission prior to the minor receiving service. Our digital form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a staff member. Minors ages 8-15 receiving services must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while in the salon. Parent/guardian must sit in Treatment or Waxing room during minor's services. Minors ages 16-17 may receive services without parent present, after digital form completion.


Our prices do not change based on gender! We welcome everyone to schedule under the name and gender, under which you identify. With that in mind, if your gender identity and your genitals differ, we want to ensure you have a trained waxer for the appropriate genitalia, please communicate with us so that we may best serve EVERYONE!


We take your privacy, and safety seriously! For the safety of our employees we require identification on file. You may be asked to verify your identity in person, and over the phone. For your privacy, and the security of your benefits we will not discuss your account or membership details, or allow usage with anyone except you. No cell phones, video or audio recordings are permitted in the Treatment or Waxing areas, for privacy reasons. Only the person receiving treatment will be allowed in the treatment room with the Waxologist. Members and Guests may be departed by employees using our mobile app/tablet devices. Rest assured, your credit card information is encrypted and secure. We take your privacy and data seriously!


We ask that you arrive to your appointment at least ten (10) minutes in advance, in order to update any necessary forms so we may best serve you. Lateness in excess of 5 min per scheduled service may incur a charge of 100% of the scheduled services. In the event that insufficient funds are available, we reserve the right to redeem any pre-paid benefits, gift cards, coupons, Guest Passes, or vouchers. Guests and Members are urged to call as soon as possible in the event of lateness so we may reach out to people on Standby. Please remember, no business could stay open if it included unlimited lateness and no shows! It simply isn't plausible. We must be firm on this for Members and Guests alike, in order to keep our prices friendly and inclusive!


We take safety seriously! At Bombshell Waxing, the power of touch only goes one way. Sexual advances or requests for sexual favors and other verbally and physically inappropriate behavior will be considered solicitation, reported to the proper authorities, and prosecuted. We have a zero tolerance policy for workplace abuse. Any person who display aggressive/abusive behavior, use profanity, speak above normal conversational levels to our staff or other Members/Guests, via phone, email, online, or in-store/Salon will be asked to leave/ hung up on. The Member/Guest, or persons in violation will no longer be permitted on premises, and normal Membership, and Appointment cancellation policies stand including “Make Whole Fees”.


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be made for any sales including; service, retail, tips/gratuity, gift card, guest pass, no show, lateness, membership and benefit package, merchant, administrative and cancellation fees. All unsubstantiated disputes, chargebacks, or merchant refund requests will incur a $50 "Administrative Merchant Fee". This fee is intended to offset any third party merchant, software or administrative fees.


No one understands the strife of this pandemic as much as working-class service-industry women. We take yours, as well as our community's health seriously. Therefore, if you express any symptoms of COVID, we ask that you cancel your appointment at least six (6) hours prior in accordance with our normal policy. However, if symptoms arise within six (6) hours of your scheduled appointment(s), you may be charged 100% of all services scheduled. If results reflect you are indeed COVID positive the day of your appointment, we will honor an immediate refund of the full service amount. Well wishes!

Membership Policies


Bombshell Waxing locations are independently owned and opperated. While some terms may differ by Home Location, we maintain a few cancellation standards franchise wide! For instance you may cancel your Bombshell Waxing membership at ANY time, and for ANY reason! You never need a doctors note or reason to justify your cancellation. We never charge a cancellation fee, however Unlimited Members may be responsible for repayment of discounts if terms are not completed. Cancellation requests must be sent via certified or registered mail to ensure legal receipt for our third party vendors. To view a copy of your exact agreement you may check your email, as one is emailed upon completion, or email your Home Location for a copy!


Bombshell Waxing locations are independently owned and opperated. While some terms may differ by Home Location, we maintain a few freeze standards franchise wide! For instance you may freeze your Bombshell Waxing membership at ANY time, and for ANY reason! You never need a doctors note or reason to justify freezing. We ask that you give us 30 days notice, prior to your next billing. In the event of unforeseen closure exceeding two weeks, your membership will be frozen on a month-to-month basis, or until otherwise permitted to open. To initiante a freeze or to view a copy of your agreement you may email your Home Location!


We are thrilled to offer opportunities for growth, and ownership within our company! While you are an active member, you may use or share any of your accrued or paid benefits at any Bombshell Waxing Franchise location; however, prices and services offered at each franchise may vary and may require additional payments. Because our franchises are independently owned, Unlimited Waxing benefits can only be used at the franchise location, at which it was purchased, also known as your “Home Location”. That said, we are happy to switch your “Home Location” at any time and for any reason by entering into a new agreement with new “Home Location”, you will then be released from previous agreement. While we encourage paid benefits, and packages be shared with friends, and across locations, Unlimited services are not sharable! Identification is required. Persons caught sharing Unlimited Benefits will be prosecuted.