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appointment cancellations

Bombshell Waxing is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional service. When a client cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another client from being seen. 

Just give us a little notice!


We're easy to reach!

Scheduling Securely

Book Online, securly 24/7


If you're scheduling your first visit, we ask that you use our online booking system, so you may securely save your credit card on file, per our 6 hour cancellation policy.

Clients may sign cancellation policy

Charges may apply


Children & Minors

We absolutely adore kids, but for their safety, and the courtesy of other guests, we ask that you don't bring children who are not receiving services.


Children under the age of eight (8) are restricted to the lobby and must be accompanied by parent/guardian at all times.


Child care is not provided.  Any guest or member who checks in for a scheduled service with a minor child not receiving service will be required to pay the cancellation fee, and reschedule their appointment.


No children under the age of eight (8) are allowed in the treatment rooms at any time, unless strapped into carseat/carrier.


Children ages 8-14 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while in the salon, and may not sit alone in the lobby.


We do not provide services to minors under the age of eight (8)


Children under 14 receiving service must have their parent/guardian seated in the room throughout the entire service.


A parent/guardian of any child under 18 must provide written permission prior to the minor receiving service. Our digital form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a staff member, or allow for digital photo capture with signature.



We take your privacy, and safety seriously!

At Bombshell Waxing, the power of touch only goes one way. Sexual advances or requests for sexual favors and other verbally and physically inappropriate behavior will be considered solicitation, reported to the proper authorities, and prosecuted. The Member or Guest in violation will no longer be permitted, and normal cancellation policies stand. 


No cell phone or cameras are permitted in the treatment rooms, for privacy reasons. Only the person receiving treatment will be allowed in the treatment room with the Waxologist.


Any guest regardless of age that is unruly per the opinion of staff, or speaks above a normal conversation level in the lobby or treatment areas, or restrooms will be asked to leave. No refunds will be made upon the removal of unruly guests.


We are happy to serve everyone!

You’re welcome to schedule under the name and gender, under which you identify, and our prices (unlike most places) do not change based on gender! With that in mind, if your gender identity and your genitals differ, we want to ensure you have a trained waxer. For your convenience we have details on our Waxer Bios (via online booking) explaining who is experienced in what services/genitalia to best serve you! If you have any questions, we're just a phone call away!



We take your privacy, and safety seriously!

For the safety of our employees we require identification on file. While we encourage paid benefits, and packages be shared with friends, Unlimited services are NOT sharable! Persons caught sharing unlimited benefits will be prosecuted.


Members  and Guests may be departed by employees using our mobile app/tablet. Rest assured, your credit card information is encrypted and secure. We take your privacy and data seriously!

Reciprocity Policy

While you are an active member, you may use or share any of your accrued or paid benefits at any Bombshell Waxing Franchise location; however, prices and services offered at each franchise may vary and may require additional payments. 

Unlimited Waxing benefits can only be used at the franchise location, at which it was purchased, also known as your “Home Location”. Unlimited Waxing cannot be used at other independently owned Bombshell Waxing Franchise locations. 

You may switch your “Home Location” at any time and for any reason by entering into a new agreement with new “home location”, you will then be released from previous “home location”.

Lateness + No Show Policy

We ask that you arrive to your appointment at least 5 minutes in advance, in order to update any necessary waxing forms so we may best serve you.

Lateness in excess of 5 min per scheduled service may incur a charge. Guests and Members are urged to call as soon as possible in the event of lateness! 

Please remember, no business could stay open if it included unlimited lateness and no shows! It simply isn't plausible. We must be firm on this for Members and Guests alike, in order to keep our prices friendly and inclusive!

Clients may sign cancellation policy

Charges may apply