Is the ETP Speed Joule Like a Solar System?

No. The Speed Joule is a much more affordable, portable, and effecaint energy saving system than Solar Panels.

Is the Speed Joule Cheaper Than Solar Panels?

Yes! The Speed Joule is a fraction of the cost Solar and can be easily be taken with you when you move.

Does the Speed Joule Save as Much Energy as Solar Panels?

Yes, if not more! We guarantee a minimum 10% reduction in your monthly bill. Reductions as high as 30% are not uncommon.

How Long Will My Speed Joule Last?

The ETP Speed Joule is 100% American Made and built to last for the entire time you stay in your home or wokrplace. Each unit comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

Can I Take My Speed Jole With Me If I Move?

Yes! Simply have your certified electrician uninstall your unit and reinstall it on your new property.

Why Should I Buy a Speed Joule Instead of Solar Panels?

There are several reasons. Here are a few.. 1. A Speed Joule is About 80-90% cheaper than a Solar System. 2. You Can Easily Take it with You at little to no Cost When You Move. 3. The Speed Joule Will Save You More Monthly Than a Solar System. 4. The Speed Joule Acts as a Surge Protector AND Adds Years of Life To All Home or Office Appliances. 5. The Speed Joule is Tucked Away and Not Visiable. Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

How Does the Free Demo Work?

One of our technicians will bring a demo unit to your home or office. From there, we plug it directly into your power supply. You will see first hand exactly how much energy you could save before making your decsion to purchase and install a unit.

How Do I Set Up a Free Demo?

Simply click the orange "REQUEST A FREE DEMO" button and fill out the form. Our team will be in touch to set up a free demo at your convenience.

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