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Waxer to Ownership OPPORTUNITIES!

Updated: Jun 27, 2021


  1. Must be a Louisiana Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists ONLY!

  2. Must be proficient at completing a Brazilian and Underarm hard wax in under 15 minutes NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. A mentorship mentality, as you work in tandem with other Louisiana License “Assistant Estheticians” to complete full body waxes.

(Internships available for beauty students under-qualified)

Apply NOW


  • Advanced Waxer Education

  • $14 - $20 /hr plus TIPS! (that generally match hourly!)

  • 3 Day a week schedule!

  • Ownership Education, and opportunities

  • Simple reliable schedule of 30hrs weekly.

  • Work either Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, OR Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • 4 days OFF a WEEK! More time for family or travel!

  • Closed ALL national holidays

  • Consistent FULL Member booking, Zero slow days!

  • Our Waxers earn 30% or more tips due to our proprietary hassle-free member “Mobile Departure“.

  • With your own team of Louisiana Licensed/Permitted Assistants to support you, your capacity to earn will surpass even your wildest dreams!

  • We are an Equal Opportunity employer! Being a trusted name with values and ethics MATTERS to our members, as well as our employees. Unlike most competitors, we offer gender neutral, and body positive pricing and inclusivity to employees, and Guests alike! All genders are welcome to apply!

  • NOW, with ownership opportunities available through our franchise program, we are here to invest in beauty-lovers, and build LEADERS and hopeful OWNERS!

A brand you can trust, with values you support!


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