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Double Dipping🤮💩

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

EW! Blood, and Poo... Need I say more?

Industry techniques and views on waxing hygiene my vary between some places, however at Bombshell Waxing locations a new spatula is used for each dip into the wax to avoid the risk of cross- contamination. Additionally, in conjunction with our wax Manufacture, WAXBOMB, we have worked to develop single use, disposable roller cartridges!

Double dipping creates a risk that the spatula will pick up blood spots, or fecal matter that were released when the area was waxed, which could cause the spread of bacterial, viral and blood borne pathogens.

Most importantly, we use new bags of wax each time. The scary thing is, while you may see "double dipping" with your own eyes. and be able to escape in time, -- but what you may not see is some places may reuse/remelt or recycle wax to be cost effective. Although recycling sounds like a nice thing, in this instance it can be deadly!


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