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Follicular shock

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Follicle shock may present in some Guests/Members a day or two post wax. Timing is a great way to distinguish between follicle shock, and ingrown hairs, which would present earlier. It is most common in first time waxing Guests/Members with corse and/or dense hair, especially men. After care product recommendations are important to try to prevent and treat. Follicle shock is caused when the bulb detaches from the hair shaft and is trapped in the skin. Although Guests/Members may be alarmed by the tiny white bumps, this is the body’s way of extracting the bulb, and typically will not reoccur with regular maintenance. In the event a Guest/Member experiences follicle shock, they should keep the area clean, dry and lightly exfoliated for 72 hours, and the skin should return to normal thereafter. If reaction persists, call us or your physician!