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Externship to Ownership

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

It is our pleasure to introduce our NEW Externships!

We’re currently seeking:

✔️Beauty Students

✔️Recent graduates

✔️Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists

✔️Non-licensed or, Permit holding Estheticians and Cosmetologists are welcome to apply.

Since 2013, our exciting Externships and Paid Internships have created a unique opportunity, at entry level to learn and grow within our company.

NOW, with ownership opportunities available through our franchise program, we are here to invest in beauty-lovers, and build LEADERS!


It starts with the fundamentals of our membership model, which creates stable employment, EVEN in a seasonal business, like waxing. —From there we’ve built an elite team of Externs who support our Lead Waxologists in earning their full potential.

Speaking of earnings, we pay TWICE what our nation competitors pay! You read that correctly, and that’s just the hourly rate! Our Board Certified Waxer are paid $16-22/hr and earn MORE tips due to our proprietary protocols!

Our externs/interns and Board Certified Waxers alike work a simple 3x10 schedule of either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday, Saturday! We enjoy more time off for family and travel , while earning top pay, all thanks to our family of loyal members!!

We LOVE seeing the same faces often! We know our members intimately and truly value the close relationships we have.

Being a trusted name with values and ethics MATTERS to our members, as well as our employees. Unlike our local and national competitors, we offer gender neutral, and body positive pricing and inclusivity! A brand you can trust, with values you support!

If you’re interested in joining our elite team of Interns, please submit your resume on the Home Location Facebook, or Instagram! Students or unlicensed beauty pros will need a letter of recommendation and/or grades and attendance records.

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